Cat Condoes

Cat condos buyer’s guide – why your cat needs a condo?

Cats are among the most famous indoor pet. Many people have cats inside their homes. However, when we bring a cat inside, we deprive if of its natural life, including its desire to climb, exercise, explore and hide. Your cat will be happy if you provide it with part of its outdoor living in your home. Luckily, cat furniture industry has taken care of this by developing special products which fulfill the needs of an indoor cat. Such product is the cat condo.

Cat condos are high tower-like structures that have many platforms and integrated beds. Typically, cat condos offer numerous platforms that are situated at different levels. They allow the cat to climb and exercise. The integrated cat beds are very useful as cats can sleep their after they got tired.

The main difference between condos and trees is exactly the enclosed areas where cats can sleep. Cat trees are usually meant to provide the cat with a climbing structure, while cat condos also offer a place to sleep. Cats usually enjoy sleeping in condos and observing the environment from such constructions.

Most people think cat condos are unattractive structures that have a few holes and enclosures covered in carpet. And many people don’t fancy the idea to get such structure in their homes as they believe the condo will not fit their decoration. In the past cat condos used to be very big and their most important purpose was to provide the cat with a climbing furniture; their aesthetics were not important. However, now the market offers a great variety of cat furniture and there are many options. Modern cat condos have more attractive design and look much better.

Cat condos can be made of different materials – metal, wood or mixture of them. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Cat owner can also choose the colour and the design of the condo. Some manufacturers also offer to produce cat condos according to the wishes of the clients to match their homes and decorations. Cat condos may be covered in carper, faux fleece and some washable materials.

Cat condos have one big advantage – cats use them as scratching posts. Most cat condos are covered with sisal rope and cats like scratching on them. This will help you to train the cat to stop scratching on your furniture and tapestry. You can also put some cat toys on the condo if your cat enjoys playing with such toys.

The most import thing about a cat condo is to be durable. Durability is a key aspect for cat furniture just like for our own furniture. When you choose a cat condo, make sure is it made of sturdy materials that will last long and will not collapse. It is recommended that the condo has a wide and stable base because such base will prevent the construction from tipping over.

The ideal cat condo will have numerous scratching post and platforms. Cats enjoy scratching; they do it to mark their territory and to sharpen their claws, so they need spaces to do it. There are some cat condos made of metal which don’t offer any scratching places. Sisal rope is perfect for scratching because it is hard and rough, and is made of natural fibers from the Sisalana plant. Many cats prefer it over corrugated cardboard and carpet.

Also, when you choose a condo, it should suit the personality of your cat. There are cats that love climbing and they will be happy to have high condo and to perch on top of it. However, other cats want to hide and to be safe, so they would prefer a condo equipped with comfortable cat bed.

No matter the type, height, or design of the condo, your cat will definitely be happy to have such climbing structure as it will allow the cat to climb, play, exercise, scratch and rest.