Cat Furniture Pieces

Popular Pieces of Cat Furniture

If you need to purchase a gift for your feline pet, you may find it useful to take a look at some of the most popular cat furniture pieces that are available on the market. There are numerous pet furniture items that are very popular among cat owners. Some of them include cat trees, cat beds and cat scratching post. Here is some helpful information about these pieces of feline furniture.

Cat Trees

Felines are animals that love to climb, jump and hang on things, your furniture in particular. So, it is not surprising that sofas, carpets and curtains are often ruined by cats. To avoid this, you may consider buying a cat tree – a piece of feline furniture perfect for climbing and hanging. This purchase will help you save your furnishings from the cat’s claws. Cat trees are available in different sizes and designs, with various shelves and covering. Some of them are even combined with scratching posts, which is very convenient because your pet won’t use the sofa to scratch.

Cat Beds

Cats love to jump and climb, but they also love to sleep and they sleep quite a lot. This makes a cat bed very suitable purchase for your pet. These cat beds are comfortable and your cat will be happy to use such an item for a nap. You can find the perfect bed for your cat, as there is a great variety of sizes, styles, materials and colours. There are also heated beds that provide the feline with constant warmth for extra comfort and pleasure while the cat is sleeping and cuddling.

Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are essential for homes with cats. Felines have a natural instinct to scratch and they usually do it on your furniture. That’s why many cat owners complain their tables, sofas, carpets and curtains are damaged. You can avoid all that by purchasing a scratching post. Thus, you will keep your furniture safe and your cat will be still able to sharpen its claws.