Cat Gyms and Towers

Cat gyms and towers buyer’s guide

Cats are great pets because they are independent and can be left alone indoors for long periods of time. They may also cause problems, the most common of which is spraying urine in the house. However, when we talk about the troubles cats can cause, we offen forget about their claws.

From the very firsts weeks and months of her life, a cat has sharp claws that she uses to scratch for fun or as defense. They are also very helpful for the cat to cling to various surfaces while playing and running around. Cat owners are aware of the scratching marks on furniture and other household items. This can be cause when the cats play or on purpose when the cat needs to sharpen her claws. You can avoid the scratching damage on your furniture, draperies and other surfaces in the house if you provide your cat with a tower.

Cat towers are perfect place for the cat to play, to exercise and to relax. It is also a great way to train the cat to not jump on the furniture and to not scratch on it. The common cat tower is a high structure made of wood which suites your cats’ desire to jump and climb. Many cat towers also feature enclosures for sleeping in case the cat is tired from the playing. Cat towers are covered with material that is ideal for scratching and your cat will sharpen her claws on the tower rather than on your furniture.

Cat towers are available in various sizes and shapes. There are towers designed for one cat, and there are models specially developed for more cats. They are also available in different colours and materials, so you can match it with your house décor. Some of the cat towers have attractive designs and many cat owners would be proud to display their tower in the open.

The most important is that cat towers are really affordable and cat owners don’t have to worry about their budget. They are also very strong and are made to last for a long time.

Choosing a cat tower may seem an easy task but it is not as easy as it looks like. Here are some tips that can be useful when you buy a cat tower.

  • It is recommended that you choose natural wood material over treated wood because the latter can be toxic.
  • Most of the cat towers with poor quality are quickly worn out. Make sure you choose tower which is made of materials of the highest quality.
  • You should look for a tower that is put together with the use of screws, nails and non-toxic glue. Towers that are held together only with glue are not steady enough and will not last long.

Cat gyms are similar to cat towers. However, they have many platforms placed at different levels which allow the cat to jump from one platform to the other. Cat gyms are also equipped with cat tunnels where the cat can curl and squeeze through. Some cat gyms are provided with sleeping areas. Cat gyms offer the cat more opportunities to play and exercise rather than to relax and observe the environment. Just like cat towers, gyms are also available in different height and colours, they are made of different materials and can be covered with carper, sisal or faux fur.

No matter if you choose a cat tower or a cat gym, you will provide your cat with a great playing structure. The cat will enjoy climbing on it, jumping on the different platforms and relaxing on top of it. Cat towers and cat gyms are excellent structures where your cat can use all of her energy and activity, without damaging your furniture and other household items and surfaces.