How to Make Your Cat Love You

Your cats need attention, love and their own place.
Give them your love and they will respond with the same!

Cats had been domesticated hundreds of years ago and people take care of them inside their houses from ancient times. Cat lovers provide all necessary things to their cats – food, water, a cozy sleeping place, a litter box, vaccinations, hygiene, scratching posts, etc. And most of them take a good care of their pets.

However, many cat owners forget one important thing. The cat doesn’t need only food and water, and the basic hygiene procedures. Cats that live in the wild enjoy running, climbing, playing, scratching and exercising. Cats are active animals, full of energy, and need to perform various physical activities. But when we take a cat in our house, we deprive it from its natural life, from the climbing and running, the vigorous exercising and playing.

Is there a way to provide your cat with the opportunity to perform all these actions and be happy and healthy? Yes, there is. You can do that by getting your cat a piece of cat furniture.

Cat furniture includes various types of constructions, specially developed for cats. Among them are cat trees, cat condos, cat gyms, cat towers, etc. They all are known as cat climbing furniture and they present high constructions, made of woods or metal. These constructions allow your cat to climb, exercise, play, scratch, and relax on them.

Why cat furniture will make your cat happy? Well, as we already have mentioned, cats enjoy being active. A piece of cat furniture will offer your cat a space of her own so the cat will be able to do whatever she wants without disturbing you and without damaging your furniture, carpets and tapestries.

Cats need to have their own territory, to mark it, to observe it and to explore it. If you get your cat a piece of cat furniture, your pet will definitely be very happy to have it because it will be her own territory and no one will interfere with the cat.

Cat furniture has many advantages. One is that the cat will have her own place to play, exercise and rest. Cat trees, cat condos and cat towers have multiple platforms and enclosures. The cat can use the platforms to climb and the enclosures – to sleep. Remember that cats enjoy perching on high places and observing the environment, so such high construction will be just perfect for your cat.

Another important advantage of cat furniture is that it is usually equipped with scratching posts. Cats scratch to sharpen their claws and to mark their territory. And they usually scratch on your furniture. But if you get your cat her own climbing furniture, you will not only provide it with playing space, but you will also give the cat a space for scratching. Thus, you will be happy because your cat will not destroy your own furniture, and the cat will be happy because you will not scold your pet for damaging your household items.

In addition, cat furniture is usually covered with carper, faux fur or other material. This makes the furniture cozy and comfortable and most cats enjoy relaxing on it and sleeping in the special enclosures.

So, if you want to make your cat happy, you should provide it with several important things – food, water, hygiene items, vaccinations, and of course, a piece of cat furniture. Such structures will allow your cat to feel like in the open and to perform its naturally encoded activities like climbing, exercising, playing and so on. Cat owners should not forget that their cats will be really happy if they have a life similar to their natural wide existence, and cat climbing furniture is a way to make their lives more like that.